As we continue to navigate the daily changes of the Coronavirus, and the impact to our industry, please know that personal safety is always at the center of our decisions.

Like many other companies, we are making adjustments to best accommodate all of our customers needs. Unfortunately, we now have a “no-backorder practice” in effect on items that have reached a peak of demand. Those are items related to disposable respirators, gloves and clothing. In addition, all hand cleaning and sanitizing products and eye protection goggles. This practice has been created so that we can respectfully control our inventory and business operations. Product disruptions will certainly diminish, and at that time, we will be able to release this practice.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we appreciate your continued support. Together we will succeed, and thank you for joining our vision of working together to make America safe!
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Every customer's equipment, inventory and product requests are different, that's why we offer a variety of service capabilities to choose from!
> Simple Stocking Agreement
Through the use of a stocking agreement document you can count on Safety Products Inc to inventory special items to your needs and the right quantity to fulfill your usage demands.
> Vendor Managed Inventory
Safety Products Inc will manage your inventory on-site to make sure your supplies are properly replenished, stocked and rotated to assure proper inventory levels and fresh supplies when you need them.
> Custom Kits
We have found that customers often need custom kits made and assembled. We can customize first aid kits, new hire kits, spill response kits, confined space kits and more.

Put a Logo On It
Offering corporate apparel shirts, hats, mugs, bags and more with embroidery and screen printing services. Great for employees or customer appreciation gifts.
Hats and Vests
Brand Exposure
Putting your logo on products that your employees will wear, or will be seen by others, can boost your corporate identity and decrease opportunity for theft.
Traffic Control Services
Cone and barricade stenciling offered for an additional cost to decrease your product loss. Extra exposure of your company name to increase awareness.