As we continue to navigate the daily changes of the Coronavirus, and the impact to our industry, please know that personal safety is always at the center of our decisions.

Like many other companies, we are making adjustments to best accommodate all of our customers needs. Unfortunately, we now have a “no-backorder practice” in effect on items that have reached a peak of demand. Those are items related to disposable respirators, gloves and clothing. In addition, all hand cleaning and sanitizing products and eye protection goggles. This practice has been created so that we can respectfully control our inventory and business operations. Product disruptions will certainly diminish, and at that time, we will be able to release this practice.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we appreciate your continued support. Together we will succeed, and thank you for joining our vision of working together to make America safe!
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Featured Categories
First Aid Kits
Respond to common injuries and illnesses in the workplace with the right first aid kit. Treat minor wounds, burns, sprains, strains and eye injuries with bulk, unitized and speciality kits.
Confined Space
A confined space is a space with limited entry and egress and not suitable for human inhabitants. Find all of the necessary safety gear here for working in confined space environments.
Janitorial Supplies
A dirty work environment can lead to safety hazards. Something as simple as housekeeping can prevent personal injury and facility accidents. Keep your workplace tidy!
Safety Glasses
Productive employees wear their safety glasses more when designs are stylish and frames are lightweight. View our SPI private label series for an economical variety of options.
Disposable earplugs offer bright colors for easy compliance checks, provide comfort and of course protection from noise induced hearing loss. Look at the SPI 100 Series for an effective solution!
Industry regulations require ladder users working above a certain height to tie off to a suitable anchor point before they can work with both hands. View our selection of industrial ladders.
Forklift Safety
Pedestrians in facilities with forklifts can be in danger when using hearing protection, distracted by mobile devicse or in poorly lit workplaces. View forklift safety products.
COVID-19 Safety Posters
Education and awareness are paramount to protecting worker life and safety. Help stop the spread of Coronavirus and display information posters within your work facility.
Featured Items
The SafeWaze Pro Construction Fall Protection Harness features comfort shoulder pads, spring loaded adjustment...
Lightweight with a durable translucent housing that protects the internal components from debris and...
The Brazeau's modern wrap-around design is safety rated to perform on the job and look great off the...
White, metal, lockout cabinet that is 15" in width x 6&quou; in depth.

Cabinet Contains: •...
Oil Only Spill Kit (20 Gallon). CEP's spill kits are perfect for any and all disaster preparedness situations....
This security and admittance sign is made from a pressure sensitive vinyl and is sized at 3" X 5"....
Featured Blog Articles
Now That’s Using Your Head!
Hard hats are a staple item on any construction site and in many other workplace applications. But, that wasn’t always the case.  In fact, before there were hard hats, standards and regulations, workers used to smear their hats with tar and let them dry in the sun.  Today we have many more...
Useful First Aid Tips for Workplace Eye Hazards
Workplace eye injuries are most common in oil and petroleum refineries, chemical storage facilities, high-dust environments and waste disposal areas.  Flying objects, tools, sand and dust particles, chemicals, vapors and radiation are only a few of the common hazards that put eyesight at risk. ...
What is Cold Stress?
Cold Stress.  The data doesn’t lie:  Seasons are becoming more extreme.  And the ever-increasing unpredictability of Mother Nature is making it harder than ever for workers exposed to her wild weather swings to prepare. It’s more important than ever to be able to properly identify the...
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