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Safety Glasses
Productive employees wear their safety glasses more when designs are stylish and frames are lightweight. View our SPI private label series for an economical variety of options.
Disposable earplugs offer bright colors for easy compliance checks, provide comfort and of course protection from noise induced hearing loss. Look at the SPI 100 Series for an effective solution!
Highway, road, street, bridge, utility, and other workers for the highway infrastructure are exposed to work zone hazards. We manufacturer safe DOT approved barricades selections.
Lockout Tagout
LOTO is consistently in OSHA's annual top 10 most violated standards. Find the right equipment necessary to protect employees for unathorized use of energy sources.
Safety Cabinets
One of the leading causes of industrial fires is the improper storage and handling of flammable liquids. Safety cabinets reduce the risk of fire, and protects life and property.
Hydration that keeps employees productive on the job. Sqwincher comes in a variety of flavors and configurations to make employee hydration easy and affordable.
Durable drink coolers and insulated backpacks and bags to keep food and beverages cooler longer. Easy-to-clean, various capacities and leak resistant options.
ANSI Class 2 Vests
ANSI Class 2 compliant vests are designed for workers who perform tasks near approaching traffic, or are in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 miles per hour of higher.
Featured Items
PVA material with an embossed finish. Super absorbent and evaporative material accelerates the cooling...
Protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by storing hazardous liquids in high performance...
Give your workers the economical low sodium solution for fighting dehydration and fatigue on the job....
Flashlight - Floodlight - Dual Light. Momentary or constant-on flashlight. Sharp focused beam for distance...
Oil Only Spill Kit (5 Gallon). CEP's spill kits are perfect for any and all disaster preparedness situations....
Banners are a great motivation tool for your employees. Convey your company s commitment to safety and...
Featured Blog Articles
6 Signs of Dehydration Workers Should Know (and Often Miss)
Unfortunately, most people wait until they’re thirsty to take a drink.  But the truth is that if you’re feeling thirst, you’re already in a slightly dehydrated state.  Catching dehydration early is key to addressing it before it has an impact on cognitive and physical function....
Cut Resistant Gloves: A Guide to Cut Resistance Levels
Cut resistant gloves (CRG) are an integral piece of personal protective equipment for many jobs.  They are truly the last line of defense between an identified hazard and the end-user.  Selecting the correct glove by matching it to the hazard and risk is a key responsibility for the safety...
Hard Hat Selection: 10 Things to Consider
Hard hats. Sounds easy enough right? There are lots of things to consider when selecting the right hard hat for the person and for the job. There are at least 10 things that we will cover here in this article 🙂 Some of these you may have considered and some of them may be new to you.
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